Why use a recruiter
to help you find a job?

Well, it is not really just a job, is it? What you are looking for is the next step in your career. It is an important decision which if made correctly could have a significantly positive influence on your future, both financially and in terms of job satisfaction. A bad career move at best might be a waste of a year or more, and at worst could set you back years or even propel your career in completely the wrong direction.

A Futures Inc. Consultant will

  • Provide you with expert advice that will enable you to decide if a particular opportunity is right for you or not both in terms of career development potential, direction and financially.
  • Discuss opportunities that are unlikely to be advertised. Most advertised vacancies receive dozens or even hundreds of responses. Futures Inc. Consultants will often be recruiting for unadvertised jobs where there is likely to be less competition.
  • A CV only says so much. Your Futures Inc. Consultant will have a relationship with the line manager and/or HR manager recruiting for the vacancy and will therefore be in an excellent position to promote your strongest professional and personal attributes.

Not only will a Futures Inc. Consultant provide you with access to opportunities that you otherwise may not know about but also will

  • Advise you on how best to present your cv or resume to hiring managers and recruiters
  • You will be able to benchmark yourself against others at a similar level and be given an indication of your strengths and weaknesses as perceived by the market
  • It is sometimes difficult to decide on which sector might offer the best chance of broadening or sharpening skills and may offer the best long term prospects. And equally which sectors might offer only the prospect of career stagnation or over specialisation.

We will help you
to put your "best foot forward":

Your Futures Inc. Consultant will not only listen to what you say and align this with the current market situation but when the time comes, he or she will help you to position yourself as strongly as possible for the interview with prospective employer. Advice is likely to relate to:

Tailoring your CV to the role by emphasizing your most relevant experience

Honing your interview technique both in terms of technique and presentation skills

Ensuring that you have enough information on the company, the particular department and the role to provide you with confidence and the background information to be able to ask the right questions.


Futures Inc. will handle your personal data with the utmost sensitivity and will never forward your resume to a client without your prior permission.