Direct Search

  • The most reliable method of recruitment for attracting candidates at all levels with specific areas of expertise, professional knowledge or sector background. Direct search involves targeting particular individuals with profiles highly relevant to our client’s requirements and proactively approaching them and assessing (through detailed interview) their ability to, and interest in, our client’s role.
  • Benefits – highly targeted, attract high calibre professionals who may not see or be attracted by Reduces recruitment time cycle and increases efficiency of process. Only relevant candidates met by our client.

Advertised Selection

  • Futures Inc. Consultant drafts and places a recruitment advertisement an appropriate online/offline publications on our client’s behalf. The Consultant carries out a full interview process with selected candidates from the advertising response.
  • Benefits – advertisement may attract a broad range of respondents. Can be targeted to specific geographical areas and be seen by a wide audience of interested candidates. Futures Inc. interview process means only relevant candidate met by our client. Client time saved through not having to process advertisement response and interview candidates that may not be suitable for the role.


  • Futures Inc. consultant drafts and places recruitment advertisement in appropriate publications on behalf of our client. All advertising response is processed professionally by Futures Inc. Futures Inc consultant selects most relevant candidates from the advertisement and after brief tele screening process provides client with the top 10 responders.
  • Benefits – advertisement drafted by professional recruiters, time saved through professional, high quality response management. Time saved through our client not needing to review irrelevant cv’s.