Reg.Nr. 15909


Temporary/Interim employees

What we offer:

We have opportunities for junior and senior professionals in a variety of disciplines to work for international companies in a variety of roles:

  • Finance and Accountancy
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Interim Management
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology and e-commerce
  • Banking and other financial services

Why work as a temporary/ interim employee:

  • We are certified as a temporary employment agency, which means working through Futures Inc. is a guarantee of legal employment. Working through Futures Inc. will enable you to work with a number of different employers over a period of time enabling you to develop expertise in new work environments and with flexibility that allows you to take a career break when it suits you
  • Our specialists will do their best to help you to find a position that suits your capabilities and qualifications and will also satisfy your expectations
  • With Futures Inc. you can always be sure that you are in the right place and on the right path to achieving your goals in your professional life
  • Being a temporary employee with a Futures Inc. client and achieving good results at work, there is always the possibility that you will be offered a permanent job
  • There may also be opportunities to work part or flexi time (depends on the position, experience, company, etc.)

How does it work:

  • Please register for temporary work on our website ("register" button)
  • If you fulfil the criteria required by our client, our specialists will invite you to an interview where you will have a chance to learn more about the role. Following a meeting with our client, should you be successfully chosen, Futures Inc. will prepare an agreement for you (we usually conclude temporary employment contracts or fixed term employment contracts for the duration of a particular job/ period)
  • On signing the contract, you will become an employee of Futures Inc., but your duties will be performed at our Client’s company (beneficial employer). Our consultant will provide you with all necessary information about the company you will work for, the workplace, the benefits, and so on
  • Futures Inc. will be responsible for all formalities and administrative matters (salary, ZUS contributions, taxes, preparation and transfer of employment documents, etc.)


Benefits of hiring temporary employees:

  • We are sourcing the most suitable specialists according to our Client's expectations
  • We use a range of recruitment techniques including database search, direct search, advertising and interview each applicant before submitting them for their initial client interview
  • We arrange all formalities and documentations related to the employment of temporary employees (e.g. preparing contracts, calculation and payment of social costs, income tax, payment of salaries etc.)
  • Individually prepare candidates for their new job according to our client’s expectations and requirements
  • The range of our services and ability to execute rapidly and expertly are perfectly matched with our Client’s needs and expectations

The Benefits of working with Futures Inc.:

  • Reduce costs and hiring time for recruiting employees and administrative details related with employment (we will prepare all related documentation)
  • Cooperation with the best specialists in their areas of expertise
  • Minimise the risk of making the wrong hiring decision
  • This is the best solution if you have a position to fill, but need a longer time to decide if the role position should be permanent
  • Manage headcount efficiently
  • Temporarily replace staff who are absent (e.g. during sick leave or holidays)
  • We maintain constant contact with our client and the temporary employee so we can quickly react and solve all emerging problems during our partnership